Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MDI-2 is a VME sequencer and ADC for readout of MTM-16 frontend modules. It provides 2 buses, which allow to connect up to 16 MTM-16 frontend modules, and process their amplitude data. So up to 512 channels can be served by a single module.
  • High quality 12 bit (4 k) conversion
    with sliding scale ADC (DNL <1 %)
  • 10 M samples /s per bus
  • Up to 512 channels can be converted
  • Multi event buffer
  • Connected frontend modules can be remote controlled
    (gain, threshold, polarity)
  • 1 k words multi event buffer
  • Zero suppression with individual thresholds
  • Supports different types of time stamping
  • mesytec control bus to control external mesytec modules
  • Address modes: A24 / A32
  • Data transfer modes: D16 (registers),
    D32, BLT32, MBLT64, CBLT, CMBLT64
  • Multicast for event reset and timestamping start
  • Easy compatibility to MADC-32 (only special registers 0x6040 to 0x6070 are different)

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