Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MDLL is a delay line readout system for multi wire proportional counters with two delay lines. The position is determined from the delay of the signals from the two ends of a delay line. An anode signal is needed to start the signal processing. It includes discriminators (CFDs) and so allows direct processing of detector signals after amplification (input level -1 V).
  • X and Y position calculation
  • Anode amplitude is converted and available for adjustment
  • Register adjustable to detector delays
    from 100 ns to 500 ns
  • List mode with time stamped events (100 ns resolution)
  • Stand alone and NIM form factor
  • In NIM case: can be time synchronized with several MDLL modules and mesytec MCPDs (neutron systems)
  • Accepts -1 V analogue detector pulses, rise time typ.
    10 ns to 35 ns.
    (CFD- delays can be selected with jumpers)



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