Detector Readout Systems
More and more modern experiment setups in neutron spectroscopy take advantage of new position sensitive detector tubes, which provide 6 mm position resolution over a length of 1 m with tube diameters in the range of 25 mm to well below 10 mm. The high position resolution allows setups getting closer to the sample and use a larger solid angle. This as well as the high peak rates of TOF spectrometers requires fast readout electronics allowing to register data at the detector rate limit (about 100 kHz per tube) with lowest possible dead time ratio.
  • Position stability: Due to the close preamplifier matching there is no measurable position shift with temperature
    (< 1 chan @ dT = 10 K)
  • Rate capability: 100 kHz per tube, 800 kHz continuous per MPSD-8+ module with 8 detectors connected. Integrated data buffer for high peak rates. Very low position cross talk of neighboured events coming closely in time.
  • Efficiency: very stable due to clearly settable and stable amplitude thresholds.
  • Time stamping at frontend: 100 ns
  • Bias supply: filtered up to 3500 V. Also well suited for BF3 filled tubes. Preamp inputs with stand full discharges
    up to 2500 V.
  • Detector interfacing: high voltage coax cables
    (MPSD-8+ frontend connectors: SHV). Cable lengths up to 3 m have only minor effect on position resolution.
  • Power consumption: 2.6 W at ±6 V, allows operation
    in vacuum
  • Data bus: Lemo cable, max 30 m length



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