Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MCFD-16 is an easy to use, fast 16 channel constant fraction discriminator (CFD) for high timing resolution applications. It provides fast amplifiers at the inputs which can be set for input polarity and gains. The amplifier outputs are split to the CFD unit and are available as unipolar or differential signals (configurable) at an output connector. The discriminator signals are available as ECL differential outputs at a 34 pin header connector. In differential mode, the analogue outputs allow to drive long twisted pair cables to introduce the necessary delay needed for charge sensitive ADCs (QDCs). A fast pattern processing is implemented, well suited to produce complex triggers from input coincidences. An optimised type (MCFD-16-fast) for signal rise times below 2 ns is available.


Built in fast preamplifier
  • Gain 1, 3, and 10
  • Polarity selectable
  • 300 MHz band width
  • Output configurable via Jumper: unipolar or differential

Constant fraction discriminator

  • All parameters adjustable by front and remote control
  • Standard delay chips (SIP-7, 100 Ohm), default 20 ns
  • Pulse width: 6 ns to 660 ns, dead time 20 ns to 660 ns
  • Fraction 20 % and 40 %
  • Delay in 5 steps (default 4 ns to 20 ns)
  • Walk ±100 ps (input range 35 mV to 3.5 V)
  • Lowest signal for 100 % trigger at gain = 1 is 2 mV
  • CFD or leading edge discrimination selectable
  • 16 ECL outputs
  • Common OR (NIM) and current output (0.5 mA/chan)

Pattern processing

  • Common OR
  • Or oft two independent definable groups of channels
  • Multiplicity
  • Full pair coincidence matrix
  • Coincidence window 5 ns to 600 ns
  • Built-in gate generator
  • 3 NIM / TTL trigger outputs, one veto input


  • Front panel
  • USB
  • mesytec control bus

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