Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MHV-4 is a modern 4-channel high precision bias supply unit for detector bias voltages up to 800 V. It is designed to supply highly stable bias voltage for all types of silicon and gas detectors. The output current is limited to 20 uA.
The new revision allows easy operation of large area avalanche diodes, by compensating the bias voltage with temperature. Temperature measurement can be performed with miniaturized NTC temperature sensors. The four temperatures are also available via USB or mesytec control bus.
  • Precise voltage setting up to 800 V, in steps of 12.5 mV
  • lowest noise voltage of < 1 mVrms at 400 V
  • Current display resolution 1 nA
  • 4 large and bright LED displays allow simultaneous survey of all currents or voltages
  • Full 4 digital display
  • Universal 4 channel temperature measurement and HV compensation for avalanche diodes
    (external sensors: standard NTCs)
  • Adjustable HV ramp speed
  • Output connectors: SHV or BNC
  • Adjustable current warning threshold and voltage limit for each channel. Acoustical and optical current warning.
  • Individual polarity select for each channel at the front panel
  • Remote control: All parameters can be set via USB or mesytec control bus

Technical Data
  • Voltage range: 0...±800 V
  • adjustable in steps of 12.5 mV
  • High quality rotational encoders with dynamic step width
  • Typical noise N < 1 mV (400 V, 5 Hz to 100 MHz)
  • Voltage stability: typ 0.015 % /°C
  • Calibration precision: 0.5 %
  • Output current max. 20 uA per channel, limited
  • Adjustable voltage ramp up and down:
    5 V/s up to 500 V/s
  • Ramp up after power failure

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