Detector Readout Systems
MMR Multiplexed Readout is a platform for multiplexed readout of large arrays of silicon detectors, MWPCs or other charge generating particle detectors. It consist of a master board, which performs time multiplexing, analogue to digital conversion, data storage and triggered data transmission via optical link to a central data collector module. The board provides a local clock, which is synchronised by the VME master to a central time with a precision of about 30 ps rms.

Hardware features

  • Modular Setup
    • miniaturised detector front ends optical Link
    • Up to 128 channels per front end
    • Large data buffer on front end
    • Amplifier, filter and digitization on front end
    • Self triggering
    • Possible ranges:
      • 500 keV to some GeV (1 GeV = 45 pC)
      • Noise <3 keV FWHM for 0 pF input cap.
  • Front end synchronisation to a central clock
    • time stamping in front end, down to 30 ps resolution
    • absolute time stamping allows to buffer the data at the front end without loss of timing information
  • Easy to handle Optical POF fiber bus
    • Only standard lab tools required to assemble the fibers
    • Inexpensive twin fibers available
    • Fast 200 Mbit front end bus
    • Up to 50 m with POF fibers
  • Works with a single +6.0 V to +8.0 V supply
    • Easy galvanic separation of front end

Stacked boards for 128 channels
60 x 140 x 20 mm³

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