Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MNV-4 is a 4 channel NIM power distribution and control module. The individual Voltage outputs (±6 V, ±12 V and ±24 V) are protected by electronic fuses which automatically recover after short circuit. All six voltages are surveyed within ±5 % of the nominal voltage for each of the four outputs. The status is displayed by LEDs switching from green to red in error case. The module also helps to check the correct voltage levels of a NIM-bin. If a NIM-bin without ±24 V is used, the corresponding LEDs get off, and the voltage survey of those voltages is skipped.
  • 4 output connectors with ±6 V, ±12 V, ±24 V each
  • Survey of all 6 voltages on each output
  • Protection of all voltages by self recovering
    electronical fuses
  • Standard voltage output compatible to mesytec electronics and to some other manufacturers
Technical Data

Power consumption
  • +6 V or +12 V, +50 mA
Voltage Output and Current limit
for each of the 4 output connectors
  • ±6 V, max 2 A
  • ±12 V, max 2 A (before 2003: 0.4 A)

sum of all currents of all 4 output connectors
  • ±24 V, max 0.4 A

Fuse release: when current drops to less than
half the maximum current, the fuse recovers.

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