Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MPD-4 is a 4 channel pulse shape discriminator module. MPD-4 is used for particle discrimination in multi channel liquid scintillation detectors (for example BC501 or NE213). The identification signals are available as NIM and ECL pulses. For discriminator monitoring only 2 channels of peak sensing ADCs per scintillator channel are needed.
Fast preamps are integrated. The 4 channel unit fits into a single width (1/12) NIM module.
  • fast variable gain PMT input amplifier
  • Signal filter, optimised for liquid scintillators
  • Pulse shape detection unit based on a constant fraction discriminator (CFD) for rising edge stat and a zero crossing detector for tail length detection. The measured tail length is converted to an amplitude signal via time to analog converter (TAC)

  • for monitoring:
    • TAC output pulse (1 us) for neutron identification, amplitude independent
    • Amplitude output pulse (1 us)

  • Identification signals:
    • Gate output (n + y signals)
    • Trigger output selectable n or y or both
    • Common trigger output, NIM, chainable
      (also usable as ADC gate)
    • Multiple ECL trigger and amplitude / TAC signals at the rear side

  • in fast mode:
    • deadtime reduced to 250 ns. Trigger output width reduced to 30 ns. Analog outputs suppress
  • all parameters can be set via front panel, USB
    or mesytec control bus

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