Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MPR-1 is a charge integrating preamplifier module. It provides two outputs which can be jumpered to different or same polarity. One can be configured as timing filter output. Both can drive terminated BNC cables. The sensitivity can be changed by a factor of 5 via front panel switch. This helps to get larger signals at low charge deposition. MPR-1 is available with Lemo, BNC, MHV, and SHV connectors.
  • Ni-plated, fully shielded case
  • ESD input protection
  • Positive and negative input charge
  • Pulser input
  • Bias voltage up to ±3000 V
  • Two outputs (selectable polarity, one can
    be configured as timing filter output)
  • Strong output driver for 50 Ohm
  • (optional 93 Ohm) termination
  • Fast risetime (t < 12 ns)
  • Two sensitives (switch selectable)
  • Low power

Technical Data

Different standard ranges are available

Range in energy deposition in silicon detectors. Divide by 3.6 to get number of electrons (1 GeV = 2.8*10^8 electrons)
All values for ±8 V output, left number for switch position low sensitivity, right number for high sensitivity.

200 MeV type:

200 MeV / 40 MeV -> low noise (for energies up to 200 MeV
[Si] = 9 pC)

1 GeV type:

1 GeV / 200 MeV -> Si detectors in heavy ion experiments or PMTs (for energies up to 1 GeV = 45 pC)


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