Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MPRB-16 is a 16 channel charge sensitive preamplifier with integrated bias voltage generators. The device is remote controllable via mesytec control bus, which allows to adjust the 16 bias voltages individually for each channel in 100 mV steps, up to 600 V. It is designed to operate and read out arrays of avalanche photo diodes or strip detectors. A temperature sensor can be connected and allows the MPRB-16 to compensate the APD gain drift with temperature by adapting the bias voltage with temperature. All parameters can be set and read back via mesytec control bus.
  • 16 channel low noise charge sensitive preamplifiers
  • Sensitivity selectable in two steps by switch and RC Pulser input
  • Differential or unipolar signal output
  • Bias supply can be adjusted by remote control
  • Bias adjustable for each channel in steps of 0.1 V
  • Maximum bias 600 V
  • Push button for ramp up and down of bias voltages
  • Also available as stacked 32 channel amplifier
  • With and without mounting latches

Technical Data

Temperature compensation

The sensor can be connected at the SubD-25 input connector.
It occupies the position which is usually used for the guard ring bias. So all mesytec cable sets allow to connect the sensor at the detector site between the guard ring pin and analog ground (neighbour pin)

Sensor type: NTC thermistor, Epcos B57861-S502-F40
(5 kOhm @ 25 °C, B = 3988)

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