Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MPRT-16 is a state of the art multichannel charge integrating preamplifier. It includes a timing path with discriminators, providing a trigger to start external electronics. Three output options are available: differential header, unipolar output with header or unipolar output with lemo connectors. The preamplifier gain can be switched in 4 steps, each multiplying the signal by 2, providing an overall maximum range variation of a factor of 8.
  • 16 channel compact module
  • Sensitivity switch, factor 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Input protection
  • Pulser input
  • Bias voltage up to ±600 V
  • Header or Lemo output
  • NIM-trigger output
  • 2 Timing Filter outputs for groups of 8 channels



Technical Data

MPRT-16 provides two timing filter outputs. The signals are generated from the sum of channel 1...8 and 9...16. The signals are negative and are scaled and polarized with the rotary switch setting. Output amplitudes: -1.5 V for maximum range in a single channel. The amplitude will vary to some extent with detector capacity and signal risetime. The timing filter default time constants are: integrating 250 ns, differentiating 450 ns.

MPRT-16 provides a NIM trigger output, which is the ored sum of its 4 leading edge discriminators, working each on the analog timing filter sum of 4 channels. Multiple discriminators are used to provide a high quality, low jitter NIM signal. The discriminators have a common threshold, which can be adjusted via 10- turn potentiometer. The threshold value is available at the sense output. -4.5 V correspond to 45 % full range of a single channel.

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