Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MRC-1 and MRCC are the central controlling module for all remote controllable mesytec devices. The 1/12 NIM MRC-1 module provides a serial (RS-232 / USB) data input and two event bus branches for up to 16 remote controlled devices each, resulting in max. 32 devices per controller. MRCC has the same capabilities, but is a handy standalone module.
  • Easy connection to any computer type via RS-232 or USB
  • Script memory for standalone operation
  • Up to 32 devices on two event bus branches
  • Up to 35 m of bus length
  • Optional: I/O for MRC-1 at the rear side with:
  • 2 digital outputs (TTL), 2 digital inputs (TTL),
  • 2 12 bit ADC inputs, 2 12 bit DAC outputs
Connection to PC

MRC-1 can be connected to the control PC by a standard RS-232 interface or USB. MRCC is a bus powered USB device.

Default communication parameters are:
  • Baudrate: 9.600 bd
  • Data format: 8N1. (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit).
Baud rates can be set to 19.2, 38.4, 57.6 and 115.2 kBd by command.

At the USB port, MRC-1 / MRCC behave like a virtual serial device. Current virtual com port drivers for various operating systems can be found at the USB chip manufacturers site:

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