Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MSCF-16-PMT is an integrating shaping / timing filter amplifier with constant fraction discriminator and multiplicity trigger. It provides 50 Ohm terminated Lemo 00 inputs, and directly processes fast negative signals from PMTs or other charge sources.
  • 16 channel NIM module, low power design
  • directly interfaces to anode signals from photo multipliers
  • Shaping amplifiers with active baseline restorer
  • Timing filter amplifiers
  • CF discriminators (opt.: leading edge)
  • ECL timing output with digital delay of 400 ns
  • Trigger output
  • Multiplicity trigger
  • Remote control of discriminator thresholds, shaping time, gains and PZ
  • 4 shaping times
  • Gain adjustable from 100 pC to 20 nC for max range
  • 50 Ohm terminated Lemo 00 input
  • Low noise (0.2 pC rms / 2 pC rms)
  • Mostly controllable via front panel
  • Remote control via USB and mesytec control bus
  • 4 selectable timing filter integration times
  • ECL timing delay can be switched off

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