Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MSI-8 is a compact 8 channel preamplifier shaper box with integrated timing filter amplifiers. Due to the modular setup, preamplifier and shaper module types can be selected individually for each channel. MSI-8 is the ideal solution for setups with a mix of different detectors requiring individual bias supply and energy ranges. It is also well suited for moderately segmented strip detectors or as an easy to use and flexible lab system.
  • 8 channel compact standalone module
  • Preamplifier and shaper modules individually selectable
  • Shaper with baseline restorer
  • Two shaping times, jumper selectable
  • Integrated timing filter amplifier
  • Individual and common timing output
  • Single and common detector bias
  • All outputs can be terminated with 50 Ohm
  • Lemo connectors for in- and outputs
  • Discriminator gate output for peak sensing ADC

System Design

MSI-8 has a very flexible modular design. Preamplifiers and shaper, timing filter amplifiers are pcb modules mounted on a common main board. They can be chosen individually for each channel. This gives maximum flexibility for multi channel setups with different detectors.

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