Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MTDC-32 is a fast high resolution time digitizer. It is internally realised as a 32 + 2 channel time stamper
(32 channels + 2 triggers). It can be operated like a traditional TDC with a start signal (at trigger inputs) and 32 stop signals, so needs no further synchronisation. Due to the internal time stamper design, the start trigger can be shifted in time by ±16 us, so no external delays are needed, even when a delayed experiment trigger is used as start signal. A pure time stamper mode allows to output all 34 digitized input signals independently with 46 bit time stamp.
  • 32 + 2 channel time stamping TDC
  • Channel to channel or trigger to channel TOF resolution
  • typical 5 ps maximum 10 ps rms
  • Conversion time 160 ns
  • Two operation modes:
    • start-stop mode with configurable window of interest and 16 bit conversion output
    • time stamper with 46 bit time stamp
  • High quality conversion with very low INL and DNL
  • 48 k (32 bit-) words multi event buffer
    (1 word corresponds to 1 converted channel)

  • Channel inputs configured by Jumpers:
    • differential: ECL, LVDS, and LVPECL, terminated or unterminated
    • unipolar: register configurable threshold, NIM, TTL or analogue signals possible.

  • Supports different types of event synchronisation
    stamping (based on VME-clock or external clock)
  • Independent bank operation
  • Multiplicity filter, selects events in specified
    multiplicity range
  • mesytec control bus to control external mesytec modules
  • Address modes: A24 / A32
  • Data transfer modes: D16 (registers)
    D32, BLT32, MBLT64, CBLT, CMBLT64
  • Multicast for event reset and time stamping start
  • Live insertion (can be inserted in a running crate)
  • Power consumption: 22 W, +5 V and ±12 V needed

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