Detector Readout Systems


    Power Supply
  • single wide VME module, compatible with VME64 and VME64x crates.
  • only uses VME power supply of +5V (max 4.5A) and +12V (max 1.5A).
  • Supplies up to 16 MUX-16 devices on up to 4 MUX-busses (up to 40W total).

  • MUX-bus
  • Bus length up to 3m.
  • 4 MUX-buses, two of them on the motherboard behind the front connectors.
  • 1 mesytec control bus can control up to 16 devices on 4 buses
  • 4 Lemo IOs for trigger signals / control bus.
    Every two share half of the Cbus address space.

  • MADC-32 interface
  • Ored trigger output from 4 buses to start MADC-32.
  • 4 bus outputs with two amplitudes and two positions are available on MADC-32 compatible 32pin header connector.
  • Output voltage for 4V MADC-32 range.

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