Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MVHV-4 is a modern VME 4-channel high precision bias supply unit for detector bias voltages up to 800 V. It is designed to supply highly stable bias voltage for all types of silicon and gas detectors. The output current is limited to 20 µA.
  • Precise voltage setting up to 800 V, in steps of 12.5 mV
  • lowest noise voltage of < 1 mV rms at 400 V
  • Read current with 1 nA resolution
  • Adjustable HV ramp speed
  • Output connectors: SHV or BNC
  • Adjustable current threshold and voltage limit for each channel.
  • Individual polarity select for each channel via register setting
  • Remote control and monitoring via VME bus and USB
  • Settings are permanently stored and recovered after power up.
  • LED Indicators for Polarity and channel status
  • VME access:
    • Address format: A24, A32
    • Data format: D16
  • Auto Shutdown

    MVHV-4 offers an automatic shutdown of channel voltage in case current exceeds the given current limit. Shut down channels are switched off automatically and remain off until switched on again. When current limit is set to 0, Auto Shutdown is disabled.

Technical Data
  • Power consumption
    • +5V  +200 mA
    • +12V  –50 mA
    • -12V   –70 mA
    • due to low power consumption no cooling fans necessary
  • Voltage Output
    • Voltage range: 0 … ±800 V
    • adjustable in steps of 12.5 mV
    • Typical noise N < 1 mV (400 V, 5 Hz to 100 MHz)
    • Voltage stability: typ 0.015 %/ 0C
    • Calibration precision: 0.5 %
    • Output current max. 20 µA per channel, limited
    • Adjustable voltage ramp up and down of 5 V/s up to 500 V/s
    • Voltage off after power failure
  • Connectors
    • HV outputs: BNC or SHV
    • USB remote control: standard USB B

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