Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MDPP-32 is a fast high resolution time an amplitude digitizer. It is internally realised as a 32 channel adjustable low noise amplifier and a variable differentiation stage, followed by filters and 80 MHz sampling ADCs. The digitized data are analyzed in an FPGA and reconstructed with highest precision. This allows to achieve unique timing and amplitude resolution.
  • Low noise variable gain input amplifiers
    • Input signals for maximum range (highest spectrum channel) from 1.5 mV to 20 V
    • Input noise down to 2 uV @ 2 us shaping
  • Variable hardware pre-differentiation
    • Allows large offsets and signal stacking without effect on the amplitude or timing resolution
  • Gain-polarity jumpers
    • determine: termination, polarity, input range and input configuration (differential / unipolar).
  • Two high resolution monitor outputs
    • for monitoring internal signals and noise via oscilloscope.
  • Two high resolution trigger inputs
    • 24 ps resolution, start window, add time stamp
  • Up to 3 software modules
    • can be stored on board and can be selected by switch or VME.
  • VME64 and VME64-X compatible
    • can use VME64-X geo addressing
Large digital resources allow precise wave form reconstruction.
  • timing down to 75 ps rms
  • amplitude resolution better than 16 k
  • trigger threshold down to 1/2000 of maximum range
FPGA software modules:
  • Amplitude & time for standard preamps (SCP),
    32 k/75 ps
  • QDC: pulse shape discrimination, Two integration times. Charge & time, self gating, 4 k/75 ps
Planned module:
  • Peak sensing ADC, 16 k, self gating or external

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