Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MSPI-16 is a parallel data interface and controller unit for neutron detector readout electronics. Frontend devices are connected over the highspeed serial event bus. It provides the possibility to control all internal setting of the connected modules.
It interfaces up to 16 MPSD-8+ via point to point connection on 16 event bus branches to a parallel output for external data acquisition systems and histogrammers. Data are presented buffered (256 event buffer). Basic features of the connected modules like pulser test and amplitude/position mode can be controlled via front panel elements. The RS-232 and USB interfaces allow detailed setup of all parameters of the connected frontend electronics. Up to 128 position sensitive detector tubes can be handled with one module.



  • 16 high speed event buses
  • Up to 16 MPSD-8+
    = up to 128 position sensitive detectors
  • Front panel control allows quick test routines
    and mode selection
  • Full remote control (RS-232 / USB) for all MSPI-16
    and MPSD-8+ parameters.
  • Buffered parallel data output for external histogramming






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