Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MSCF-16-F is a shaping / timing filter amplifier with constant fraction discriminator and multiplicity trigger and provides active baseline restorers. It is well suited for multi strip silicon detectors and for high quality spectroscopy applications. The differential input version is ideal with the preamplifier family MPR-16 / -32 / -64. For Ge-detectors see data sheet for MSCF-16_LN. For direct PMT interfacing see data sheet MSCF-16-F-C.
  • 16 channel NIM module, low power design
  • Shaping amplifier with active baseline restorer
  • Timing filter amplifier
  • CF discriminators (opt.: leading edge)
  • ECL timing output with digital delay of 450 ns
  • Trigger output (NIM)
  • Multiplicity trigger (NIM)
  • Remote control of discriminator thresholds, shaping times, gains and PZ
  • 4 shaping times
  • Gain adjustable from 1 to 600 (optional 2000)
  • Differential or unipolar (Lemo) input versions
  • Low noise: <7 uV (gain = 100 and shaping time = 2 us)
  • Low integral non-linearity
  • Fully controllable via front panel
  • Remote control via USB and mesytec control bus
  • 4 selectable timing filter integration times
  • ECL timing delay can be switched off

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