Detector Readout Systems
mesytec MUX-16 /-32 is a very fast 16 / 32 channel multiplexed preamplifier shaper and discriminator combination with very good energy and timing resolution. Up to two simultaneously responding channels are identified and two amplitudes plus the two corresponding amplitude coded addresses are switched to a bus. Up to eight modules (128 channels) can be connected to one bus, so only 4 channels of peak sensing ADCs are needed to digitize energy and position signals. The modules are especially well suited for single hit applications (maximum two hits on one module) with single or double sided multistrip silicon detectors or multiwire proportional chambers. Due to low power consumption the MUX-16 PCB can be used in vacuum without cooling.


  • High rate:
    up to 800 kHz rate capability per bus
    (1.2 us bus dead time per event)
  • Very good timing resolution:
    1 fast leading edge discriminators per channel. Ored NIM timing output, reject output
  • Low noise:
    preamplifiers and 5th order shaping amplifier allow very good energy resolution
  • Very flexible:
    sensitivity (and polarity) selectable with rotary switch
    (or RC) in 8 steps
  • Low power:
    1.45 W for 16 channels
  • Compact:
    185 x 100 x 16 mm
  • In addition:
    fully remote controllable for use in vacuum
  • Includes 16 channels of bias filter (and AC coupling)
    for bias voltages up to ±400 V
  • Processes single and double hits on one 16 channel unit
  • Up to 8 modules = 128 channels on one bus, only 2 or 4 peak sensing ADC channels needed
  • Pulser input
  • Preamplifier input protection
  • Option: individual discriminator thresholds for all channels
  • Reject: signal output if more than 2 hits or if module collision on the bus


MUXD-4 Quad VME type driver interface power supply and remote control for MUX-16

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