Detector Readout Systems
New: MDPP-16
16 channel VME pulse processor with software loadable functions:
  • charge and timing from preamp signals
  • charge and timing from fast PMT signals
  • CSI pulse shape analysis
  • peak sensing ADC

New: mesycontrol
mesycontrol is a free remote control software for all mesytec modules providing mesytec control bus:
  • GUI application
  • multi platform
  • (multi-)client/server

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shortform catalogue (02/2016)

Firmware Updates for VME Modules

In the following table you can download the current firmware of the respective devices.
If you need an older firmware, please contact us by telephone or email.

Device Firmware FPGA Programming Tool (.mcs)
+ Hardware
Update Manuals
MADC-32 iMPACT-XILINX Programmer
MQDC-32 iMPACT-XILINX Programmer
MTDC-32 iMPACT-XILINX Programmer

Programming Tools   Hardware
iMPACT-XILINX Programmer
(Lap Tools 14.7 Utilities)
XILINX Platform Cable USB II


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