Detector Readout Systems
New: MMR System
Multichannel Readout System
16 channel VME pulse processor with software loadable functions. Adobe PDF File IconApplications (SORMA 2018)
Open-source VME data acquisition system
for NIM, CAMAC, VME crates: please visit
Providing tools for nuclear physics and neutron scattering since 2000
  • Preamplifiers
  • Shaping Amplifiers
  • Multiplexed Readouts
  • CFD
  • VME Modules (ADC, TDC, QDC, Pulse Processor)
  • HV Supply
  • Pulse Shape Discriminator
  • Remote control
  • Accessories

Nuclear Physics

  • Scalable readout systems for:
    • postion sensitive neutron detector tubes
    • standard neutron detector tubes
    • wire chambers (delayline readout)
  • Amplifiers for detector tubes and monitor counters

Neutron Scattering

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