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mvme - mesytec VME data acquisition

mvme is a VME data acquisition solution by mesytec aimed at nuclear physics experiments involving a single VME controller. The goal of this project is to provide an easy to setup, easy to use, cross-platform data acquisition system with basic data visualization and analysis capabilities.


  • High-rate, low-latency VME module readout
  • With the MVLC VME Controller:
    • 127 MB/s sustained transfer rate via USB3 (event rate of 1MHz, event length of 104-120 bytes)
    • Full utilisation of GBit Ethernet bandwidth allowing up to 105 MB/s
  • Readout rates of up to 15 MB/s using the WIENER VM-USB VME controller
  • Supports the Struck SIS3153 VME Controller over Ethernet
    • Readout rates of up to 50 MB/s
    • GBit/s Ethernet connection
    • Customized firmware for fast, low-latency readout
  • Easy creation and configuration of the VME setup
    • Multiple event triggers are possible (NIM, IRQ, periodic readout)
    • Multiple modules can be read out per trigger
    • Flexible VME module setup using configuration scripts
  • Live histogramming of readout data (1D and 2D)
  • Flexible VME module data extraction
  • Graphical analysis UI
  • Optional compression of output listfiles
  • Replays of recorded listfile data
  • Rate Monitoring
1D Histogram
H1D: Europium 152
2D Histogram
H2D: Na22

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