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mesycontrol is a remote control solution for detector readout systems by mesytec. mesycontrol makes use of the mesytec RC bus controllers (MRC-1/MRCC) to communicate with the actual hardware devices. For user interaction a GUI application is provided.


  • MRC-1/MRCC connectivity via USB, serial port and network.
  • Client-server architecture using plain TCP as the transport. This enables the graphical frontend to run and operate on machines without direct access to the mesytec hardware.
  • Storing and loading of single device configurations and complete setups (multiple devices and multiple MRCs).
  • Tabular view/editing of device memory.
  • Custom GUIs for MHV-4, MSCF-16, MCFD-16 and STM-16+.
  • Support for MPD-4/8, MUX-16, MPRB-16
  • Polling of frequently changing parameters (e.g. voltage or current)
  • Cross-platform: both client and server run on Linux and Windows
  • Offline editing: device configurations can be created/edited without access to the hardware.
MHV-4 user interface
Device tree
Device tree


mesycontrol is divided into two parts: mesycontrol_server handling MRC connectivity and communication, and the client part (mesycontrol_gui) connecting to running server processes via TCP.

mesycontrol architecture
Architecture overview

The GUI client will transparently spawn its own server process if the user requests a local MRC connection via serial port or USB.

In case the client PC does not have a direct connection to an MRC-1/MRCC the server can be run stand-alone on a machine with access to the hardware. The GUI client then connects via a TCP connection to the remotely running server process.

The client supports connections to multiple servers and is thus able to control multiple MRC-1/MRCCs. Multiple clients can connect to the same server (only one client gets write access).

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